Week 5 Preview: Not talking about Idaho

-Im not gonna talk about Idaho. I don’t care if you want to. I wont do it. Not going to talk about how our defensive line pass rush is about as daunting as a strong gust of wind. I am not going to talk about how our defensive backs can perfectly defend a pass except for the part where they just have to turn around and catch the football but instead they don’t find the football, and they grab the defender in a panic, and get called for pass interfence. I’m not going to talk about how Johnny Stanton threw two interceptions to the guy who was standing right in front of him.

There are games that are so bad that coaches say that don’t even watch the film. This was a different kind of bad. This is the kind of bad that you make your team watch. You make their families watch it. Its like when a dog poops on the floor, and to punish your dog you put him right next to it and make him stare at it. UNLV pooped on the floor, and Sanchez needs to make the whole team look at it to know to not do it again.

On to Fresno State:

-Johnny Stanton is not playing, and redshirt freshman Dalton Sneed will be making his first start at QB.
-With Fresno starting a freshman at QB and the fact that Fresno State gives up 260 yards per game on the ground, UNLV would be wise to put the ball in the hands of Lexington Thomas. The strategy needs to be about running the football.
-Our secondary is pretty skilled athletically, but the coaching staff needs to go back to the fundamentals of coverage. The moment the ball leaves the QB’s hand, the DBs needs to know, and they need to know where the football is.
-Fresno State offense relies on the passing game, and UNLV needs to get creative with the pass rush to try and change things up. UNLV defensive line is small, and they need to try and find a way to get to the QB.
-This is an important game for UNLV and especially Sanchez. UNLV is a better team than Fresno, and after a tough home loss to Idaho, UNLV can’t follow up with another stinky performance. A UNLV loss would be crippling to the rest of the season. There was hopes that UNLV would 3-2 or possibly 4-1 heading into the October, now UNLV is hoping to just notch a 2nd win.
-I think UNLV will come out and look a lot better than did last week, but I still dont know if that necessarily translates to an easy win.

UNLV 34 Fresno St 31

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