Fat Head Thievery – 028

This last week has been a Runnin Rebel roller coaster.  After 2 tough losses against BSU and Fresno St we come back to spank New Mexico.

Thanks to Billy and Scott for coming on the show
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  1. Tough losses
  2. Win against UNM
  3. We Talk Mike Moser and Dave Rice
  4. We Look fwd to Air Force

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Please Press Two – 027

Thanks for tuning in to the best podcast in the 702. This is your weekly dose of everything UNLV basketball.
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@RunninRamble and @TheRebelBlog

Lets talk about the disappointing loss at Boise St. Lets also dread the possibilities of what can happen at Fresno.

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Its Catching Fire – 026

Thank you for listening to another show by the Runnin Ramble.

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2 Can Mike Moser fully recover?

3 We take a look at the Mountain West Conference forecast

4 The Rebels Till I Die chant is catching fire

5 We look forward to Boise


Rebels Till I Die – 024

This is the Podcast that talks everything Runnin Rebel Basketball.


Jordan Bunker from TheRebelblog.com

Bronson Mack (Big Brother)

Today we talk about potential Rebel chants
We take a look at the Colorado State loss
We look forward to Wyoming coming to town

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Is That a Hobbit in Your Speedo – 023

Wow what a win at San Diego St.
Today we talk with Jordan from THEREBELBLOG.COM


  1. Big win at San Diego State.
  2. Up Coming game at Colorado State.
  3. Take listener questions and voice mails


Thanks for listening to the best podcast in the 702

Corbin SpeedoNeck Tatoo Rebel

Get A W At SDSU For Our Salvation – 022

We are  joined by our best friends from THEREBELBLOG.COM (Scott and Steve)


1 Close win VS Air Force

2 Upcoming game at SDSU

3 Why San Diego State fans are the worst

Corbin was on this podcast click to listen. The Interview starts at 89.10

Aztecs Talk Radio

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A Bad Batch of New Methico – 021

I don’t know why but we couldn’t get enough Canada so we bring in two Canadians. Kyle Warren and Bee Sting help us vent about the UNM game and prepare for Air Force. Its out of control but a good listen. Join us as we talk everything UNLV Rebel Basketball.


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This Has Been Malarkey -020

Best Runnin Ramble yet!! We bring in a Canadian expert. We also look into the upcoming New Mexican game. Steve Freaking Alford calls into the show.



More Cow Bell – 019

Lets take a look back at Chicago st and look FWD to UCSB. Also we introduce our newest Rebel Kendall Smith


Lose the Shellfish – 018

Today the Guys from THEREBELBLOG.COM join us as we discuss the latest with UNLV Runnin Rebel basketball. Here are a few things spoken of in this episode

  1. We look back on our loss at UNC
  2. Talk lineups we have seen and would like to see
  3. Look Fwd to Chicago St
  4. Mountain West Conference realignment

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Peppered Applause – 017

Another wonderful RunninRamble just in time for Christmas.

  1. UTEP
  2. UNI
  3. The debut of Khem Birch
  4. Does Cook need more PT?


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mozilla with sling

BoyToyzz With Steve – 016

Today on the Runnin Ramble we bring you the latest with UNLV Basketball.

1.Cal Game
2.Moser injury
3.Beesting W/ Steve
5.Khem Birch
6.Laverne / Cook Playing
7.Fantasy update
Team Scott 463.5
Team Ethan 431.5
Team Corbin 336

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Skidmarks On The Road – 015

Run Down
1)    Hawaii Game: “Tale of Two Half’s”

2)    Portland Game

3)    Should Rice Bench BDJ?

4)    Fantasy Update

5)    Upcoming Cal Game

6)    Mountain West Still Kicking Ass!!!!

7)    Stats to Write Home About

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Carlos With the Threeeeee!!! -014

Come listen to Corbin and Ethan talk with the guys from the RebelBlog.com  (Scott and Jordan)

1. Tough loss to Oregon.
2. A strong bounce back from the Rebels.
3. Where does the Mountain West Conference stand?
4. We take calls from our listeners

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Go UNLV Basketball


Tetherball Stripper Pole – 013

1. We look back at the Jacksonville St game.

2. We look forward to the Oregon game as well as the possibility of  Cincinnati.

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Meet us at Los Tacos – 012

This episode is simple. We touch on everything

1. Northern AZ Game

2. Upcoming Jacksonville st game

3. The Battle Hymn of the Rebellion

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Savon Goodman is first and Shavon is second

Glamour Shots got Reinstoned – 010

Welcome to show 10. We are joined by the insiders from TheRebelBlog.com Jordan and Scott

The Run Down

  1. UCLA closed door scrimmage
  2. Mosers draft stock
  3. Back to the Mack for Dixie st exhibition game.










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Look at the jeans on Chet – 009

Wow!!! Don’t miss this episode we talk about a lot.
For this show we are joined by the happy couple from TheRebelBlog.com. (Jordan and Scott)

Here is the Rundown
1. Scarlet and Grey Showcase
2. Chet Buchanan’s pants. They were a big deal.(see the picture below)
3. We read the best 5 star reviews from our faithful followers
4. Preseason Polls … Where does UNLV sit
Best Mountain West match ups.
I also profess my crush on CSU.
5. Wade’s World !!! Wade’s World!!!
6. Most important!! The Competition, Here are the rules
Post a Picture  of your rebel gear on our Facebook page (RunninRamble) Whoever gets the most comments wins 1. Rebelblog T-shirt 2. Runnin Ramble T-Shirt 3. 9 inch HeyReb decal 4. $20 gift certificate to Raising Canes. Remember you can post more than one pick and you can make your friends comment. MULTIPLE COMMENTS FROM ONE PERSON WILL COUNT AS 1 COMMENT.



Shabazz looked Fat – 008

This is a must listen podcast. There is a buzz in the air and college basketball time is near. We talk Brice Jones’s injury (Broken Hand)

First practice rundown. What to expect with first look.

Corbin sizes up Daquan Cook and Katin Reinhardt









Moser or Franklin?????

We weigh in on the latest UNLV Basketball commit Jelan Kendrick


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Steve Fisher saw the Ark of the Covenant – 006

Your Hosts talk with the guys from www.therebelblog.com

The Rebels(Football) Pulled off a win!!! is there a chance for another this season?

Depth Charts who will be starting and who will be starving (For Minutes)

Doesnt steve fisher look like he saw the Ark of the Covenent





Where in the world is Dantley Walker sandiego

where to listen

Stitcher Radio


The Draft – 005

The guys from TheRebelblog.com and your hosts talk unlv basketball here is the rundown

Unlv football  Ways to fire bobby huck

Did you see Michelle Obama’s Arms ???

We fill you in on first look

Today is the UNLV Basketball draft. We each pick 3 players for our fantasy team


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Runnin Ramble – 004

Hosts Ethan and Corbin talk with Scott and JB from TheRebelBlog.com


We play a round of Wades World

UNLV Football  vs Minnesota

Talk Student sections and where we hope the rebellion takes there momentum





We look at what some people say about watching the rebels in pickup basketball as well as Canada


oh ya and we bash BYU fans !!!!

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