UNLV vs New Mexico Preview

by Jake Runyon

“Everyone’s a ‘Buzz’s girlfriend’… Woof woof woof”.

I like that version better than New Mexico’s stupid chant.

Now I won’t lie. I respect New Mexico’s fans. They are loyal to their team, and loyal to the conference, and they aren’t all meth heads. In fact, most of them are just old grandma and grandpas.

Tomorrow night the Lobos come into town, which means two things for the Las Vegas economy:

1). Casinos will make a lot of money off New Mexicans.
2). KOA Campgrounds and Circus Circus will see a boom in occupancy.

It also means that there will be a very entertaining basketball game at the Thomas and Mack.

These are what to look out for:

-The most important matchup with be Birch/Smith vs Bairstow/Kirk. It isn’t necessarily about which duo will outplay the other, but which duo will do a better job staying out of foul trouble. Smith and Bairstow are both very efficient players. Birch and Kirk are the two best shot blockers in the conference.

-All I want, more than anything, is for Cullen Neal to be on the floor as much as possible for UNM.  He cant guard BDJ or Deville. What does Cullen Neal, and my favorite breakfast food have in common? They are both toast.

-Craig Neal inherited the head coaching job at New Mexico and, apparently, everything that comes with it. I’m talking about his hair cut. Is it in his contract that he needs to have a dopey middle part like Alford? And what is up with the grey hair. He is only 50 years old.

-Kendall Williams has somehow put together a better season than he did last year, and no one is talking about it. He didn’t deserve the POY last year but somehow got it based off one game against Colorado State. It’s like the Johnny Manziel of ¬†Mountain West basketball.

My prediction:


UNLV 70-67

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